Field Service Management Benefits

Service Level Agreements                                     

  • There are different types of agreement for each customer.

  • An agreement contains service type , problem code, response time and operating hours for the customer calculate at which time the incident should be resolved.

  • With the incident alert customer is sent a target date, therefore can see when the incident falls off the agreed terms .

Ticketing System  

  • Quick logging of incidents as soon as a call/message is sent, a service agent logs the incident to the system and assigns to an agent.

  • Automatically assigns agent to an incident based on skill they posses and the area they are based at.

  • Each incidents is assigned a severity level, to notify service agents its importance e.g. emergency,  urgent , preventative, normal.


  • A detailed list of incident not billed is provided.

  • With the integration of field service with the accounting and sales modules billing is easier.

  • Users are able to send quotes, issue sales orders and invoice customers for the incidents resolved and the resources used used on-site.


  • Maintenance of equipment is scheduled automatically for each service type.

  • Maintenance categories provided:

    • Reactive  

    • Preventative

  • Can schedule calibration for per site for customer.

Field Agent Management 

  • Management can monitor the field agents very closely.

  • Real time update of arrival times, distance traveled, hours spent on site, stock used.

  • Each stage of the incident is recorded whether accepted or planned by the agent, if on-site or done.

Customer Notifications 

  • Customers are notified of any information regarding the incident:

    • When an incident is assigned to field agent.

    • When the incident is resolved or suspended.

  • Detailed documentation is sent consisting of the job-card and other compliance forms.

Offline Field Service Android Application

  • Offline data synchronization.