South Africa Localisation Modules


     Content of the  localisation Module

  1. Standardised South African chart of accounts.

  2. Vat setup and reporting as required in South Africa.

  3. Leave module as per South Africa HR requirements.

  4. Income statement reporting, actual vs budget for any period, and multiple periods.

  5. Manage South African credit and payment terms policies for  sales process.

  6. Quote, Order, Invoice, Credit Note, and Purchase order templates setup as per South Africa requirements.

  7. Mass email of outstanding invoices at the end of the month.

  8. Debtor statement format as required by South Africa businesses.

  9. Mass email of statements to customers with outstanding balances.

  10. Report on aged Debtor statement or creditors at a past date.

  11. Reprint of customer's statement at a past date.

  12. Simplified method for returns with and without credit notes.

  13. Routing of inbound stock for smaller warehouses, including receipt, QC and put away. Outbound routing including pick pack and ship.

  14. Reporting on stock on hand (value and quality) at a past date.

  15. Mass serial numbers import on incoming receipts.

  16. Balance supplier deliveries against supplier invoices not received/processed to ensure accruals are managed correctly.

  17. Manage cost variances between purchase orders / GRV's and invoiced lines.

     We are continually working on adding new features to the list. If you have any new requirements that are not on the list, please Let us know