Opening Keynote - Unveiling Odoo 10

Organize your experience easily, access and schedule talks on your mobile or seach "Odoo Experience" on Google Play using the Odoo XP App and have improvements in :

  • The new Website Builder

  • New App Helpdesk

  • Expenses

  • Timesheets

  • New MRP

  • Able to work faster

MRP: Advanced traceability
and costing

Install the new V10 Odoo enterprise with Purchase, Sales, inventory and manufacturing apps and be able to:

  • Activate the Traceability

  • Serial number

  • Lots

  • Cost Analysis

  • Advanced MRP KPIs and how they are computed

Introduction to Odoo CRM v10

Lead creation through different channels

Great qualification tool

Excellent communication

Great Planning tool

Benefits of Odoo CRM

A 360° Overview of the
New Odoo MRP

  •  Manufacturing (MPS, Time clocking, Mo)

  • Maintenance (request, MTBF)

  • PLM (ECO, approvals)

  • Quality (Checks, controls)

  • Reports

  • Plan

Ease inter-company flows with inter-company rules

  • No expensive bridges between complex systems,
    no double encoding

  • You chose the level of object sharing between companies

  • Real-Time Multi Company reporting without ETL

  • "Out of the box" automated flows between companies

Barcode Scanner for your warehouse: Advanced workflows and configuration

Boost your productivity by:

  • Quickly encode and find Serial Numbers, Pickings, Mo's, Products, Customers,...

  • Use mobile devices to get Odoo where you need it.

Odoo Mobile -
Hybrid Mobile Application

New mobile apps that allows you to access all the new app is Native and We, but you can access the mobile resources as:

  • Camera

  • Phonebook

  • Push Notification

  • Other mobile Services

  • etc.

VOIP with Odoo: Allo Cloud

  • Professional telephiny

  • Lower costs

  • Dematerialization

  • Productivity

  • ALLOcloud Referral Partner

  • ALLOcloud Reseller

  • White Lable Partner

Odoo Website Builders

  • Choose the best theme that fits your business

  • Test the snippets dedicated to the page type

  • Customize snippets

  • Finetune your theme

  • Make your page interative

  • Think mobile

Shipper Integration: tips and tricks (UPS, DHL, Fedex)

  • Fully integrated > no IT - Skills needed

  • Offer multiple shipping providers to your customers

  • No need to duplicate shipping info

  • Shipping process without and also using the FedEx connector

Purchase agreements, blanket orders and purchase tenders

Purchase making good use of their time with Odoo

Purchase tenders for having better prices though competing supplier Blanket order for managing delivery dates with their suppliers.

With the purchase agreements, you will spend less in purchasing and this means you can focus on what really matters.

Odoo eCommerce -
New features in Odoo 10

In Odoo 9, the website was already full-featured and integrated with backend operations and now in Odoo 10 it has been made easy to set up and use.

Onboarding and editing experience by take in hand Odoo in minutes and publishing your eCommerce website in hours. With Odoo, anybody can now start selling online.

Odoo Accounting: Assets management made easy

Create an asset manually or from a vendor Bill

Depreciate an asset manually or automatically

Modify an asset by clicking modify depreciation on the asset

Record the sale or disposal of an asset

MRP Quality: Control Points, Checks and Alerts

  • Intergated with MRP and Inventory

  • Easy improvements' follow-up

  • Track history thanks to the chatter

  • Track your quality control management's results


MRP II Scheduler and Master Production Schedule

Translating a business plan into a comprehensive product manufacturing schedule that covers what is to be assembled or made, when, with what materials acquired when.

Manage services companies like a pro: project forecasts

Managers can easily plan the occupation of their collaborators by using the new Odoo grid view.

  • Creation of a new project at their stages.

  • Creation of new tasks.

  • Forecast the time for each task and assign them to employees.

  • Correct those forecasts within the grid or the gantt view.

Odoo Helpdesk: A new application for customer service teams

Increases your customer's satisfaction and improves your team's productivity and is smart and accessible.

Multiply the discussion channels with your client while simplifying communications with your collaborators, constantly Improving you score though smart reporting.